About Us

Company information

Capital 57 million J. Yen
Bank Reference The Bank of Yokohama, Kurihama Branch
Establishment July 1980
Employee 90 employees(up dated in 2015)
Location Headquarters: 1-52 Shinmei-Cho, Yokosuka, 239-0832, Japan
Technology Center:
2-5-23, Uchikawa, Yokosuka, 239-0836, Japan
Tel +81-46-838-5620
Fax +81-46-838-5622

Main Equipment

Machining Equipment

NC grinding machines: over 80 units
(designed or retrofitted by SHIBA)

Inspection Equipment

3D scanning and measuring machines: 3 units
Roundness measuring equipment
Surface roughness tester (300mm)

Kurihama Techno Park Factory (Headquarters)

The Surrounding of Kurihama Techno Park Factory

Technology Center


Location and directions

By train: the closest train stations to SHIBA are JR Kurihama St. and Keikyu Kurihama St.
By car: take the exit of Sahara IC and continue along the direction of Kurihama.

With parking lot.


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Business Areas: the synergy effect of machinery manufactur and machining service

SHIBA's business areas

  • Machining service for hard-brittle materials such as silicon, glass, etc.
  • Sales of Machine tools which are specially for using in processing hard-brittle materials.
  • Development of new tools and machining methods for machining hard-brittle materials.
business areas

Environmental Policy

The core business of SHIBA R&D lies in providing precision machining service and selling machine tools for using in processing hard-brittle materials. We contribute ourselves to this society through offering our machining techniques and machinery innovation to semiconductor sector, aerospace industry, and FED material manufacturers.
SHIBA is located in the nature-rich environment, Kurihama, Yokosuka city, in the south of Miura peninsula and surrounded by mountains and seas. In order to reserve this rich and inspirational environment to the future, we are commited to safeguarding the environment, conserving natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of production processes. We set ourselves further environmental objectives in order to continuously improve our performance in this area. SHIBA's mission statements are as follows;
“Delve into the machining techniques for hard-brittle materials to strengthen our machining capabilities. Surpassing our clients' expectation and satisfaction is our purpose.”,
“Our engaged employees are involved in company development, committed to overcoming the business difficulties, to flourishing and growing with company together. We are ambitious to be little giant, to be at the top of elite Japanese companies with tiny minority of members.”
“We show our respect to each individual, we pride ourselves on our reputation, we learn from each other and value each others' contributions. “Devote ourselves to our loyal customers and society.”
In order to put the mission statements into practice, the following policies are established.

  1. Comply with the company regulations , agreements and other relevant requirements as applicable. Further, cope with any new regulations.
  2. Minimize the production of waste and exploit environmental opportunities by active resource management.
  3. Commit to preventing the risk of environmental accidents and minimizing its environmental impacts.
  4. Develop a culture of continual environmental improvement by establishing clear set environmental objectives and targets within the framework of an environment management system.
  5. Train staff in environmental awareness, emergency plans, pollution avoidance, spill control and waste disposal.

The company will develop environmental performance evaluation and periodically view its environmental performance. Ensure that all employees carry out their duties in line with the above statement and, through training, are aware of their obligations.
Compile and keep publicly available this Company Environmental Policy.

April 1, 2015

Representative Director


History of SHIBA R&D

SHIBA R&D was founded in July 1980 and started a business of machine tools selling. We not only manufactured machine tools for using in silicon wafer and photomask fabrication but also provided the engineering solutions covering the various fields.

With our machine tools have been praised around the globe, the machining capabilities were cultivated. We designed our original machines base on our know-how and started to provide complex and precision machining service. The factory for machining business was built in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture in July 1995.

Now, we are committed to achieving sustainable development of unique machining methods, jigs, machine tools and various ancillary devices for using in processing hard-brittle materials.

1980 07
Establishment of SHIBA Company at Hayama
1982 03
Development and sales of chamfering machines for silicon wafer and photomask fabrication
1987 01
Development and sales of machines for photomask edge polishing and hard disk grinding
1988 10
Invest 10 million J. Yen and restructure into SHIBA CO., LTD.
1989 04
Start the machining service
1993 06
Start the sales of NC cutting chamfering machines for LCD glass manufacturing
1995 06
Establishment of Yokosuka Factory at Otsu for small hole drilling in silicon
1996 10
Innovation of cutting force detection system
Start the deep hole drilling service
2001 10
Provide machining service of JAXA's R&D products
2002 05
Increase of Capital to 16.5 million J. Yen
2003 08
Movement of Yokosuka Factory from Otsu to Uchikawa
2004 07

Establishment of Yokohama Factory for machining large-sized optic components

2005 01
Yokosuka Factory is awarded as Kanagawa's Superior Factory
2005 03

Establishment of Yokohama 2nd factory

2005 07
Movement of headquarters from Hayama to Yokosuka
2006 06
Establishment of Kurihama Techno Park Factory (complete movement from Yokohama Factory)
2009 04
SHIBA is nominated as Kanagawa's Model Factory by Kanagawa Prefectural Governor
2013 07
Kentaro FUKUSHIMA is inaugurated as representative director
Hirokazu FUKUSHIMA is appointed the chairman of the board
2013 07
Uchikawa Factory is reorganized as Technology Center