The Themes of Our Research and development

Goals we are striving toward:

  • Development of new machining methods and machine tools (multiple holes drilling type) for the deep hole drilling with higher aspect ratio of 600:1.
  • Innovation of tools and machining methods for using in high speed small hole drilling.
  • Research on the extra micro hole drilling process.

Based on the thoughts of our president, “to contribute to the development of Japanese manufacturing industry“, thus, SHIBA is a company that undertakes R&D activities and focuses on particular fields or areas of work.
We dig into the niche technique for machining processes and pursue this unknown world.
We insist on producing the products highly praised and trusted by costomers worldwide. SHIBA makes tireless effort on building a strong brand for our small business.
We hope our products are used in diverse applications in a wide variety of fields and expect to earn compliments from our clients.
we are ambitious to be little giant, to be at the top of elite Japanese companies with tiny minority of members.