Machinery Engineering and Machining Solutions

The well-chosen machining methods and operational processes to optimize the machinery design. The custom machinery perfectly meets your expectation of quality, productivity, and budget. We also propose machining solutions such as conveyor system, automatic feeding system to fit your current process needs, and improve your operations.
Test and demo machining services are available. Combining with our knowhow of machining capabilities, SHIBA's machinery is able to achieve high quality processing.

Trading Track Records of Machinery

  • Cutting and chamfering machine for beveling large-sized FPD glass substrate (for LCD, PDP, FED manufacturing)
    (Functions: floating gaseous transport , flow rate is below 1ℓ during machining, in-process cleaning, etc.)
  • Deep hole drilling machine with cutting force detection system. (max. machining length: up to 2,000 mm)
  • Small hole drilling machine with cutting force detection system (hole dia. from φ0.05)
  • General purpose milling machine with cutting force detection system
  • Precision shape processing machine
  • Edge chamfering and milling machine for quartz photomask fabrication
  • High-speed drilling machine (drill from both directions)
  • Cutting and shaping machine (for using in machining thin and flat glass)
  • Core drilling machine
  • Edge polishing machine (increase the strength of the material)
  • Special tools, grinding tools, and ancillary equipment
  • Others

Trading Track Records of Machinery

SGP series

Grinding machine to meet the needs of today's demanding

SHIBA's only one technology: cutting force detection system Tool breakage prevention, high value-added workpiece protection, and tool wear management are accomplished by cutting force detection system.


  • Low Cost
    Low cost compared with other equivalent machines. At cost commensurate with the demand.
  • Short Delivery by Maximizing Speed
    Deliver value with time. For creating new value by maximizing speed, SHIBA shortens the delivery time by 3 months.
  • Diverse Lineup of Machinery
    Meet a wide range of customers' needs with our diverse model lineup. We pride ourselves in offering optimal and appropriate equipment for your operations.


SHIBA's machines are equipped with the cutting force detection system to monitor the operations.

With the functions of real-time digitized measurements of cutting force and tool wear condition monitoring which are also effective in the process at low loads, that prevent the tool breakage and protect high value-added workpieces.

  • Our machining capabilities and know-how which have been cultivated for years are all applied in machine manufacturing. We offer a wide variety of machines for diverse applications.
  • We design and innovate a tailored machine to satisfy your specific requirements and even exceed your expectation.
  • Launch new machine within the shortest possible time. (the fastest is 3 months' time)

At low cost compared with
other equivalent machines.

Control Devices

Control devices are optional by customer needs.


Spindles / Tool Holders

  • ISO-30
  • HSK-E40
  • HSK-E50
  • HSK-A63