Unique Technique Technology for Digitized Measurement of Cutting Force

Cutting force and thrust are simultaneously measured during high value-added machining processes.

  • Prevent tool breakage in small holes drilling processes. (overloads → ATC)
  • Automatically monitor the dressing cycle in deep hole drilling processes. (overloads → redressing)
  • Protect high value-added workpieces. (overloads → emergency stop)
  • Maintain a stable pressure in milling processes. (synchronous coordinated manipulation with servo motor)

Tool wear monitor and ATC mechanism greatly contribute to the accomplishment of excellent machining accuracy and high productivity.

In the hole-drilling processes on materials such as metal, ceramics, silicon, and quartz glass, tool deterioration could cause poor hole location accuracy and lead to operation cease. Materials may have to be disposed in the end.
To solve above problems, SHIBA has innovated the cutting force detection system to acquire the tool wear value and curry out ATC automatically. In particular, the high accuracy and productivity be are enhanced in complex and high precision machining processes.

In order to protect tools and workpieces, the allowable variation of tool wear value will be set after our actual measurement rather than upon past experience.


Small Hole Drilling & Micro Shaping

SHIBA has the capabilities to machine the precision components for semiconductor, MEMS and medical industries, which meet your specific requirements and priorities.

Small Hole Drilling: φ0.3x10t~

Materials: silicon(mono-Si, multi-Si, columnar crystal silicon)

Pyramid Shape Processing

φ0.4 through hole in the vertex of pyramid. (100 holes)
Materials: Pyrex

Pyramid Shape Processing

Blind Hole Drilling

φ0.05 xL100mm
Materials: synthetic quartz

Blind Hole Drilling

Blind Hole Drilling

Machining of critical components of semiconductor devices, etc.

105 holes - φ3xL200mm,
Materials: heat resistant glass

* 0.5mm wall thickness without breaking off

105 holes - φ3xL200mm

2 holes - φ3xL400mm, Machining processes: drilling & inner wall mirror finish
Materials: heat resistant glass

* 0.2mm wall thickness without breaking off
* Inner wall mirror finish is available

2 holes - φ3xL400mm
36 holes - φ3xL1000mm, Materials: heat resistant glass / 27 holes - φ1.5xL500mm, Materials: heat resistant glass

Shape Processing of Large-Sized Glass Substrates

Machining of components of aerospace-related applications and LCD devices, optic components of large-sized telescope, etc.

OnlyOneWith cutting force detection system, which ensures the high value-added workpieces not to be damaged during processing.
It may take 6 months' time to complete the processing of ultra-precision shape and large-sized workpieces.

6 axis machining center

6 axis machining center

Sample of lightweight machining, φ300xL300mm

Sample of lightweight machining, φ300xL300mm

6 units of machine tools are specially for using in processing 1~3m large-sized glass substrates and hard-brittle materials.

SHIBA machines high precision and complex components of LCD manufacturing equipment and aerospace applications. SHIBA is able to meet the fairly difficult requests always.

6 units of machine tools are specially for 1~3m large-sized glass substrates and hard-brittle materials use.