Company Information

Company name
CEO Kentaro Fukushima
57 million JPY
Main bank
Kurihama Branch, The Bank of Yokohama
Date of establishment
'July 17, 1980
Number of employees
103 including part-timers (as of June 2019)
Head Office / Kurihama Techno Park Factory
1-52, Shinmeicho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa 239-0832
Tech Center
2-5-53, Uchikawa, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa 239-0836
046-838-5620 (main number)
Processing equipment
More than 140 grinding machine
Inspection equipment
3D CNC vision machine: 7 units
Digital microscope: 3 units
Surface roughness meter (300 mm): 1 unit
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By train:
15 minutes walk from JR Kurihama Station
10 minutes walk from Keikyu Kurihama Station
By car:
Yokohama-Yokosuka Road
About 4.0 km from Sahara IC

Environmental policy

SHIBA R&D CO., LTD conducts business activities mainly focused on the precision processing of hard-brittle materials as well as the sales and development of processing machines for hard-brittle materials. We are supplying processing techniques and machines to the semiconductor industry, the aerospace industry, and FPD material manufacturers to contribute to society. We are based on the environment blessed with nature in Kurihama, Yokosuka City, which is located at the southern end of the Miura Peninsula and surrounded by mountains and the sea. In order to leave the rich environment for the future, we make our best efforts to harmonize the preservation of the environment and corporate activities, improve ourselves continuously, and pursue our company policies: "Deeply learn processing technology of hard-brittle materials and further enhance our technical capabilities to meet customers' needs."; "Grow with the company while sharing strictness and richness. Aim to be a small giant."; and "Respect each other, look upon each other's pride, and cultivate character to contribute to the customers and society." Based on the above grounds, we hereby establish a policy as follows:

  • We comply with relevant laws and regulations, agreements and other requirements that we have agreed, and respond appropriately to new regulations.
  • We strive to reduce the waste generated in our business activities and save resources and energy.
  • We strive to prevent pollution so as not to have a significant environmental impact on the surrounding area regardless of regularly or in an emergency.
  • We establish a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and goals.
    We continuously review the environmental management system in order to achieve the objectives and goals.
  • We provide education to all employees to understand our environmental policy and raise environmental awareness.

April 1, 2015


CEO Kentaro Fukushima


SHIBA R&D CO., LTD was founded in July 1980 for the purpose of selling processing machines. We have been selling processing machines of silicon wafer and photomask substrate as well as offering engineering works in various fields. Based on the original know-how accumulated through the experience of supplying processing machines for crustaceous materials, we established a factory in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa in June 1995 for OEM machining service of precise/difficult processing with our processing machines. Since then, we have developed unique processing techniques for hard-brittle materials such as glass, silicon, and ceramics, developed jig and tools and processing machines, and diversified product lineups.

Jul. 1980
Establishment of SHIBA R&D at Hayama
Mar. 1982
Development and sale of chamfering machines for silicon wafer and photomask fabrication
Jan. 1987
Development and sale of machines for photomask edge polishing and hard disk grinding
Oct. 1988
Reorganized to a stock company. Capital increased to 10 million JPY
Apr. 1989
Start OEM Machining Service
Jun. 1993
Start the sale of NC cutting chamfering machines for LCD glass manufacturing
Jun. 1995
Establishment of Yokosuka Factory at Otsu for small hole drilling in silicon
Oct. 1996
Developed reaction force detection system. Started deep hole drilling
Oct. 2001
Provide machining service for JAXA’s R&D products
May 2002
Capital increased to 16.5 million JPY
Aug. 2003
Movement of Yokosuka Factory from Otsu to Uchikawa
Jul. 2004
Establishment of Yokohama Factory for machining large sized optic components.
Jan. 2005
Yokosuka Factory is awarded as Kanagawa’s Superior Factory
Mar. 2005
Establishment of Yokohama 2nd Factory
Jul. 2005
Movement of head office from Hayama to Yokosuka Factory
Jun. 2006
Establishment of Kurihama Techno Park Factory(complete movement from Yokohama Factory)
Apr. 2009
SHIBA is nominated as Kanagawa’s Model Factory by Kanagawa Prefectural Governor
Jul. 2013
Hirokazu FUKUSHIMA is appointed the chairman of the board
Kentaro FUKUSHIMA is inaugurated as representative director
Jul. 2013
Uchikawa Factory is reorganized to Technology Center
Mar. 2016
Capital increased to 57 million JPY
Sep. 2018
Establishment of Kurihama Techno Park 2nd Factory