I won the Good Company Grand Prize!

2019/12/03 16:49:00

We have been awarded the "New Technology Commercialization Promotion Award" of the Good Company Grand Prize.

The Good Company Grand Prize is

This award is for small and medium-sized enterprises that have achieved excellent economic and social results and excel in management innovation and technological development.

"Good Company Grand Prize" page of The Small and Medium Enterprise Research Center

Public Interest Corporation Small and Medium Enterprise Research Center "Reiwa Original Award Ed

*Go to the "Good Company Grand Prize Award Award Company Page" of the Small and Medium Enterprise Research Center.

Homepage Renewal

2019/09/23 11:24:14

This time, we have renewed the homepage.

Thank you in the future.


2018/03/03 0:00:22

Sakura-da of Kurihama Techno Park Factory will be open to the public.

Beautiful cherry blossoms bloomed again this year.

Received the 34th Award from nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

2017/01/16 0:00:06

Chairman Fukushima was awarded the Excellent Founder's Award from among the 30 winners of the 34th Honor of The Excellent Managers of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

Kanagawa Governor certified as "Kanagawa Standard".

2010/02/03 0:00:07

February 2010 Kanagawa Governor certified as the Kanagawa Standard.